4th Grade Art- A Year of Creativity

Expressing Emotion through Art
Students started this project by exploring the use of the Elements of Art: Line and Shape and ways to use them to express emotions, mood, and feelings.  We discussed abstract art and then listened to the song "I will remember you" by Sarah McLachlan and drew different lines and shapes to express ways they felt while listening to the music.
Next, we looked at famous artworks by Kandinsky, Van Gogh, and other artists and discussed ways the artist created emotion, mood and feeling in their artwork.  

We discovered that there are three basic ways artists express emotion in their art: 1. subject matter 2. colors used 3. paint or art material application.  Students then listened to the song "I will remember you" by Sarah McLachlan and painted their artworks.

I love how different and unique each of these artworks are!

We then had a class critique where we viewed everyone's artwork and discussed it.  
Students were to 1. Choose an artwork that stood out to them 2. Explain why it stood out to them 3. Guess how the artist was feeling when they created it and explain why they thought that.  Students communicated with confidence and had a great time talking about each other's art!
We even made it on the Bailey website!
Awesome job 4th graders!!

Medieval Landscapes
For this project, students learned about Medieval Times and further developed their acrylic painting skills by painting a Medieval Landscape.  They then made a castle out of clay to put onto their landscape.  These are so fun, I just love them!

Students used Acrylic Paint to paint a Landscape.

Students made a Castle out of clay that will be glued onto their landscape!  

Love this painting!

Awesome job 4th grade!!!!

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  1. Wonderfully done 4th graders. You have an impressive art teacher. We are so lucky to have her here at Bailey.