Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Cardboard Challenge!!

The Cardboard Challenge!
Everyone was so creative and it was So neat to see families and friends work together to build incredible things!

A dog house for their yellow lab- what a lucky pup!

We had all kinds of cardboard and supplies.  Collecting it all was a great team effort that included help and donations from Dublin City Schools staff members, families, and local businesses!

A take on the game "Operation"

Bailey students have Great creative and innovative ideas!

Fueling creative play is one of the most important things we can do to prepare children for the future. It develops valuable 21st century skills and prepares kids to be next-generation innovators.

I loved seeing parents work with their children to make ideas become reality!

Click "Read more" below to see a Lot more pictures of the event!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

4th Gr. Expressing Emotion through Art

Expressing Emotion through Art
Students started this project by exploring the use of the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, and Color and ways to use them to express emotions, mood, and feelings.  We discussed abstract art and then listened to the song "I will remember you" by Sarah McLachlan and drew different lines and shapes to express ways they felt while listening to the music.
Next, we looked at famous artworks by Kandinsky, Van Gogh, and other artists and discussed ways the artist created emotion, mood and feeling in their artwork.  

We discovered that there are three basic ways artists express emotion in their art: 1. subject matter 2. colors used 3. paint or art material application.  Students then listened to the song "I will remember you" by Sarah McLachlan and painted their artworks.

I love how different and unique each of these artworks are!

We then had a class critique where we viewed everyone's artwork and discussed it.  
Students were to 1. Choose an artwork that stood out to them 2. Explain why it stood out to them 3. Guess how the artist was feeling when they created it and explain why they thought that.  Students communicated with confidence and had a great time talking about each other's art!

We even made it on the Bailey website!
Awesome job 4th graders!!  
Click on the "4th Grade Art" tab to see more awesome student artworks!

Art Gallery

The "Art Gallery" is a place for students to display artwork that they made outside of art class.  It is new this year and it has been so neat to see some of the artistic things students are up to!  

There is one family that is participating in the 2015 Lego Design Challenge hosted by the Columbus Museum of Art:  They created an awesome treehouse out of legos.

One student was photographed by artist Mike Tizzano who is now starting to create a bronze sculpture of her holding a rabbit.  It will be displayed at the Columbus Zoo when finished!!!!  
SO COOL!  Keep on bringing in things to share bulldogs!

5th Grade Zentangles on Marbled Paper

Zentangle on Marbled Paper (Suminagashi)
For this project, students learned about Japanese Paper Marbling and made a beautiful piece of marbled paper by placing Sumingashi inks on top of a still surface of water and delicately blowing across the surface to swirl the inks.  Each marbled paper is unique or a Monoprint. 
These papers are Gorgeous!

 Students drew Zentangles on top of their marbled paper.  Zentangles are really neat because they are always unique and include lots of patterns and drawings all put together.  It is a fun and relaxing way to draw using lines, shapes, and patterns that increases, focus, creativity, and hand-eye coordination.  Students also learned about the Elements and Principles of Art and chose Principles of Art to showcase in their artwork.
This student chose to demonstrate the Principles of Art: Pattern and  Balance in her artwork.
 Other Principles of Art include Pattern, Emphasis, Variety, Unity, Balance, Rhythm and Movement, and Proportion.
We are currently working hard on these.  More pictures to come later!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

3rd Gr. 3D Abstract Artworks

3D Abstract Artworks
3rd grade wondered what 3D forms they could make out of paper and they  created movement in these fun abstract artworks! Students thought flexibly, were very creative, and did a lot of problem solving to make shapes become forms and stand up to be 3D.  

Students Loved making these!

So much fun!  Click on the "3rd Grade Art" tab to see more of these awesome artworks.

3rd Gr. Abstract Collages

Abstract Collages
3rd graders learned about the Elements of Art: Line, Pattern, and Color and used them in their abstract artworks.  They also learned about parallel lines, which are lines that never touch or intersect and are always the same distance apart, and some students chose to use them in their artworks!

I Love these!  Awesome job 3rd graders.  Click on the "3rd Grade Art" tab to see more awesome Abstract Collages.

Abstract Paintings using Line, Color, Shape, and Pattern
2nd graders learned about the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, and Color, along with the Principle of Art: Pattern. They used Line, Color, and Pattern in their abstract paintings.  Then they cut apart their painting and rearranged the Shapes to create more lines with the black of the paper behind it!

Man, these are beautiful!  Click on the "2nd Grade Art" tab to see more of these Awesome artworks!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Art General Information for 2015-2016

Cardboard Challenge! Come and Play!!

Active Links-
Caine's Arcade: 
Imagination Foundation’s website: 

Check out this informational video I made!

Task Party!

Task Party!
On the first day of art class, students had a Task Party where they each got a different task that they had to do in order to create their art portfolio. The tasks varied from "combine two animals into a new hybrid animal" to acting and doing performance art for their peers.  Students enjoyed creating and innovating, thinking flexibly, and persevering to complete their creative tasks.

Students really enjoyed the Task Party and I found it worked very well to accommodate the different speeds at which students work.  Some students completed one task in the time others completed three.  We will definitely have another Task Party this year!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Tunnel Mural Community Project

Our new Tunnel Mural!!!!  
Located in the pedestrian tunnel at Brandonway Dr. under Dublin Rd.

Current and former students came out to help paint as well as over 60 volunteers from the community!!

The Reveal Party!

Our Superintendent Dr. Todd Hoadley recognizing the project and talking about the importance of the arts.
We were in the newspaper!!

Plaque that explains more about the design

A QR code you can scan with your smart device.  Scan it and you will hear more about the project and the design's meaning!

WOW! What an amazing project.  The tunnel looks amazing and it something we can enjoy for many years to come.  Many people worked together to make it happen including ADAMH of Franklin County, the Dublin Arts Council, ALTernative, the City of Dublin, and of course Bailey Elementary School from Dublin City Schools!  I love our community.