3rd Grade Art- A Year of Wondering

3D Abstract Artworks
3rd grade wondered what 3D forms they could make out of paper and they  created movement in these fun abstract artworks! Students thought flexibly, were very creative, and did a lot of problem solving to make shapes become forms and stand up to be 3D. 

Students Loved making these!

So much fun!

Abstract Collages
3rd graders learned about the Elements of Art: Line, Pattern, and Color and used them in their abstract artworks.  They also learned about parallel lines, which are lines that never touch or intersect and are always the same distance apart, and some students chose to use them in their artworks!

I Love these!  Awesome job 3rd graders

Picasso Self-Portraits
For this project, students learned about Pablo Picasso and Cubism.  We read a really good book about Picasso by Mike Venezie titled "Picasso."  We learned about his blue period, rose period, cubist artwork, and that Picasso was always trying new things and changing his style of artwork. 
 We played a fun game called "Roll-a-Picasso" where students rolled dice to see what cubist facial features they would include in a portrait.  These drawings were silly, fun, and got students excited to work in the style of Picasso.

Then we created cubist self-portraits by drawing on construction paper, cutting it out, and gluing everything together.
Some students made their self-portrait more abstract, and some made them more realistic.

So fun and colorful!

Map of an Imaginary Place
For this project, students created a explorer's map or a treasure map of an imaginary place.  They included important parts of a map such as Landforms, a Map Key, Compass Rose, and a Title. 
After they drew their map with Sharpie marker, they made them look old by crumpling them up, painting them, and tearing the edges.  They kind of look and feel like leather now- it is Really neat!

I love this title!

"Food Island" which has "Lemonade Ocean"

Awesome work 3rd Graders!

Colorful Chameleons
For this project, we studied the color wheel and discussed Primary and Secondary colors.  Students drew a chameleon and painted it using only the Primary colors which are redyellow, and blue!  
We practiced an artist trick for mixing colors where you start with the lighter color and then mix in a little bit of the darker color until you get it just right.  This way of mixing paint will help save you time and paint!

Red + Blue = Purple

Yellow Blue = Green

Yellow + Red = Orange

Did you know that Chameleon's do Not actually change the color of their skin based on their surroundings?  They change the color of their skin based on temperature and mood.  Crazy, huh?!
Very nice work 3rd grade!

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