2nd Grade Art- A Year of Discovery

Abstract Paintings using Line, Color, Shape, and Pattern
2nd graders learned about the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, and Color, along with the Principle of Art: Pattern. They used Line, Color, and Pattern in their abstract paintings.  Then they cut apart their painting and rearranged the Shapes to create more lines with the black of the paper behind it!

Man, these are beautiful!  Way to go 2nd grade!

Cool and Warm Color Collages
For this project, students made collages by cutting out pictures from magazines and gluing them together in a new way.  They made a warm color collage and a cool color collage.  Then we practice writing in bubble and block letters.  Finally, students wrote their name on a collage, cut it out and glued it onto their other collage.

Awesome job 2nd grade!

Underwater Seascapes
We went under the sea for this project where students created an imaginary seascape.  They included a horizon line where the sand stops and the ocean begins, included a lot of great detail and bright colors in the foreground of their artwork, which is the area of an artwork that is closest to the viewer.  The included some detail in the middle ground of their artwork, and a little bit less detail and less bright colors in the background of their artwork, or the part of the artwork that is furthest away from the viewer. 
They drew, colored with colored pencil and oil pastel, and painted in this project and did a super job!

Some students worked together and connected their horizon lines to make one Huge seascape together!  So fun!!

These artworks are hilarious when put together.  The artwork on the left showcases a Huge Ferocious shark and the artwork on the right has very frightened fish!

Wow, that is a Huge sunken ship!

Man, I am crazy about these artworks.  Awesome job 2nd grade!!

Color Wheel Pumpkins
For this project, students learned about the Color Wheel and used Primary colors to create Secondary Colors.  Students used their Secondary Color paintings to create these fun Fall Pumpkin scenes.

Nice work 2nd Grade!

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