Saturday, December 13, 2014

4th Gr. Medieval Landscapes

Medieval Landscapes
For this project, students learned about Medieval Times and further developed their acrylic painting skills by painting a Medieval Landscape.  
They then made a castle out of clay to put onto their landscape.  These are so fun, I just love them!

Nice castle on a beach

This one sort of looks like you are looking through a Fish Eye lense!

Hot lava defense system!

Awesome job 4th grade!
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3rd Gr. Picasso Self-Portraits

Picasso Self-Portraits
For this project, students learned about Pablo Picasso and Cubism.  We read a really good book about Picasso by Mike Venezie titled "Picasso."  We learned about his blue periodrose period, cubist artwork, and that Picasso was always trying new things and changing his style of artwork. 
 We played a fun game called "Roll-a-Picasso" where students rolled dice to see what cubist facial features they would include in a portrait.  These drawings were silly, fun, and got students excited to work in the style of Picasso.

Then we created cubist self-portraits by drawing on construction paper, cutting it out, and gluing everything together.

Some students made their self-portrait more abstract, and some made them more realistic.

Awesome job 3rd grade!!
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Saturday, November 15, 2014


Dublin Arts Council (DAC) Student Art Show
emerging, a student art exhibition

emerging is Dublin Arts Council’s popular annual exhibition of artwork created by students who live within Dublin City Schools’ attendance area and students who have participated in our summer ARTcamps. The juried exhibition includes Best of Show and cash awards in four categories from K-12. The exhibition will be on display in Dublin Arts Council’s (DAC) gallery from Jan. 6 through Feb. 13, 2015. 


Click here to read, print, and fill out the application, OR copy and paste  into your browser:  


I have had students submit artwork they made in art class before and Win Best of Show, receive a Cash Award, and get their artwork hung in the Dublin Arts Council!  It is a Very cool opportunity that I hope you will take advantage of! 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fall Leaves
We have been learning all about the color wheel and how you can use the  primary colors to create secondary colors, and we had a blast using Model Magic (which is similar to play dough) to create a three dimensional color wheel.  For this project, we continued to explore the color wheel and used warm colors and cool colors to create this beautiful fall inspired artwork.
First, we painted an abstract painting using only cool colorsThen, we used only warm colors to paint beautiful fall leaves.  We worked on our cutting and gluing skills to put it all together!


Awesome work 1st grade!!
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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I LOVED seeing all of the student's costumes!  There was so much creativity and great ideas.

The teacher theme was "Super ..." so I went with The Kragle ("super" glue) and The Piece of Resistance from The Lego Movie.  It was a hit!

Monday, October 27, 2014

1st Grade- Symmetrical Butterflies

Symmetrical Butterflies
For this project, students worked on using Symmetry in their artwork.  They practiced folding a paper in half, drawing half of the design, cutting it out, and opening the paper to see their symmetrical design!  They did a beautiful abstract painting for the butterfly's body and then used colored construction paper and glue for the rest.  These adorable butterflies are flying around on a huge display the students helped to create.

Awesome work 1st grade!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

5th Grade- Relief Printmaking with Adinkra Symbols

Relief Printmaking with Adinkra Symbols
Adinkra are visual symbols created by the people of Ghana, which is a country in West Africa.  They all stand for different character traits or concepts.  They are often printed on fabrics worn during special occasions and they are also used on pottery, logos and advertising.  
The first step involves choosing and drawing an Adinkra symbol.  I encouraged students to select a Adinkra symbol that represents their personality or a character trait they value.  The above symbol stands for Humility with Strength.

For the next step, students cut away the Adinkra symbol drawn on their block using a V-shaped gouge or cutter.  Never ever, Ever, cut towards your hand or body!

After the Adinkra symbol is cut away from the rubber block, the students test printed their rubber block.  They then examine the print to see how their symbol printed and will make adjustments as needed (as seen below).

Students made some very creative and beautiful papers to print on and then printed their relief block on them! 


Such a beautiful and unique print

Awesome job 5th Grade!!
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