Saturday, December 13, 2014

4th Gr. Medieval Landscapes

Medieval Landscapes
For this project, students learned about Medieval Times and further developed their acrylic painting skills by painting a Medieval Landscape.  
They then made a castle out of clay to put onto their landscape.  These are so fun, I just love them!

Nice castle on a beach

This one sort of looks like you are looking through a Fish Eye lense!

Hot lava defense system!

Awesome job 4th grade!
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3rd Gr. Picasso Self-Portraits

Picasso Self-Portraits
For this project, students learned about Pablo Picasso and Cubism.  We read a really good book about Picasso by Mike Venezie titled "Picasso."  We learned about his blue periodrose period, cubist artwork, and that Picasso was always trying new things and changing his style of artwork. 
 We played a fun game called "Roll-a-Picasso" where students rolled dice to see what cubist facial features they would include in a portrait.  These drawings were silly, fun, and got students excited to work in the style of Picasso.

Then we created cubist self-portraits by drawing on construction paper, cutting it out, and gluing everything together.

Some students made their self-portrait more abstract, and some made them more realistic.

Awesome job 3rd grade!!
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