Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I LOVED seeing all of the student's costumes!  There was so much creativity and great ideas.

The teacher theme was "Super ..." so I went with The Kragle ("super" glue) and The Piece of Resistance from The Lego Movie.  It was a hit!

Monday, October 27, 2014

1st Grade- Symmetrical Butterflies

Symmetrical Butterflies
For this project, students worked on using Symmetry in their artwork.  They practiced folding a paper in half, drawing half of the design, cutting it out, and opening the paper to see their symmetrical design!  They did a beautiful abstract painting for the butterfly's body and then used colored construction paper and glue for the rest.  These adorable butterflies are flying around on a huge display the students helped to create.

Awesome work 1st grade!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

5th Grade- Relief Printmaking with Adinkra Symbols

Relief Printmaking with Adinkra Symbols
Adinkra are visual symbols created by the people of Ghana, which is a country in West Africa.  They all stand for different character traits or concepts.  They are often printed on fabrics worn during special occasions and they are also used on pottery, logos and advertising.  
The first step involves choosing and drawing an Adinkra symbol.  I encouraged students to select a Adinkra symbol that represents their personality or a character trait they value.  The above symbol stands for Humility with Strength.

For the next step, students cut away the Adinkra symbol drawn on their block using a V-shaped gouge or cutter.  Never ever, Ever, cut towards your hand or body!

After the Adinkra symbol is cut away from the rubber block, the students test printed their rubber block.  They then examine the print to see how their symbol printed and will make adjustments as needed (as seen below).

Students made some very creative and beautiful papers to print on and then printed their relief block on them! 


Such a beautiful and unique print

Awesome job 5th Grade!!
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Bookmark Design Contest

Bookmark Design Contest
All students grades 1-5 were able to participate in a Bookmark Design Contest for the Bailey Book Fair.  Each class voted for their favorite bookmark designed by one of their classmates so there was one winner per class.  Winning bookmarks were copied and put in the library during the Bailey Book Fair for people to take.  Winners also received a $5 gift certificate to the library!!  The $5 gift certificates were donated made by our very generous librarian, Mr. Prosser!

They were a Huge hit!  Awesome job Bailey Bulldogs!!

5th Grade- Zentangle on Marbled Paper

Zentangle on Marbled Paper
For this project, students learned about Japanese Paper Marbling and made a beautiful piece of marbled paper by placing Sumingashi inks on top of a still surface of water and delicately blowing across the surface to swirl the inks.  Each marbled paper is unique or a Monoprint. 
Students drew Zentangles on top of their marbled paper.  Zentangles are really neat because they are always unique and include lots of patterns and drawings all put together.  It is a fun and relaxing way to draw using lines, shapes, and patterns that increases, focus, creativity, and hand-eye coordination.  Students also created a focal point which is the part of an artwork that the viewer notices first.



I just can't get enough of these artworks!  To see more Zentangles on Marbled Paper, click on the "5th Grade Art" page!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

2nd Grade- Underwater Seascapes

Underwater Seascapes
We went under the sea for this project where students created an imaginary seascape.  They included a horizon line where the sand stops and the ocean begins, included a lot of great detail and bright colors in the foreground of their artwork, which is the area of an artwork that is closest to the viewer.  The included some detail in the middle ground of their artwork, and a little bit less detail and less bright colors in the background of their artwork, or the part of the artwork that is furthest away from the viewer. 
They drew, colored with colored pencil and oil pastel, and painted in this project and did a super job!

Some students worked together and connected their horizon lines to make one Huge seascape together!  So fun!!

These artworks are hilarious when put together.  The artwork on the left showcases a Huge Ferocious shark and the artwork on the right has very frightened fish!

Wow, that is a Huge sunken ship!

Man, I am crazy about these artworks.  Awesome job 2nd grade!!  
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