1st Grade Art- A Year of Imagining

Drawing from Observation
For this project, students are working on drawing what they see.  We are finding basic shapes in the object to start, which helps us get the right size and placement of things.  Then we draw more detailed lines over the basic shapes.  

First, we drew a vase and flowers from observation and painted it using watercolor paint!

Next, we drew stuffed animals and colored them using crayon.

We practiced blind contour drawing where the artist cannot see their paper at all.  I give each student a "blinder" that fits over their pencil that blocks their paper entirely so they are forced to look at the object as they draw.  The drawings are usually pretty crazy and fun- but this exercise is not about producing great artwork, it is about practicing actually looking at what you are drawing.

Fall Leaves
We have been learning all about the color wheel and how you can use the  primary colors to create secondary colors, and we had a blast using Model Magic (which is similar to play dough) to create a three dimensional color wheel.  For this project, we continued to explore the color wheel and used warm colors and cool colors to create this beautiful fall inspired artwork.
First, we painted an abstract painting using only cool colors. Then, we used only warm colors to paint beautiful fall leaves.  We worked on our cutting and gluing skills to put it all together!

Awesome job 1st graders!

Symmetrical Butterflies
For this project, students worked on using Symmetry in their artwork.  They practiced folding a paper in half, drawing half of the design, cutting it out, and opening the paper to see their symmetrical design!  They did a beautiful abstract painting for the butterfly's body and then used colored construction paper and glue for the rest.  These adorable butterflies are flying around on a huge display outdoor the students helped to create.

Awesome work 1st grade!

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